Fate, time, or: FaceTime

A gogyohka

raised an only child
across the ocean from loving grandparents
never [not once!] imagining such a fate
was awaiting my future children

41 thoughts on “Fate, time, or: FaceTime”

  1. Very true and quite poignant, David. Due to Covid, I don’t even get to see my son and granddaughter twice a year, as we had done BC (before Covid). I can’t get vaccinated, so I can’t travel.

  2. I’m interested in how you feel about being an only child. My friends with one child all worry about the burden it places on them, not having siblings to share the hard times of their lives, especially their parents’ aging. Of course they all would have liked more children, but it didn’t happen for many reasons.
    I’m glad your mother was able to come and stay for awhile. My parents lived across the country, so we did not visit often either. (K)

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