Love force, or: Until forever

A gogyohka

Love fills us
That fullest & truest force of love
Which is most pure & ever-present
All-consuming in burning intensity
With pain until we are gone forever

26 thoughts on “Love force, or: Until forever”

  1. I just lost a dear cousin (Shloshim was two days ago), and that brought back all the pain and emptiness of the loss of my father, Oleve v’Shalom, as if it too happened yesterday.

  2. Thought is life and strength and breath and the want of thought is death… I love your poem as it points to the love that lingers in memory and preserves the life of those not present with us in this plane…

    1. Muri, I feel like you’re giving me too much credit – I hadn’t even been thinking at such a depth! But I love your thought about how preserving the lives of those not present…


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