A singer, a painter, or: Me

A gogyohka

a singer could laugh, moan or wail directly into her
mic // a painter could cover her canvas with emotive
eyes // tongues, teeth, tonsils screaming // lips twisted
in pain or pleasure // I search for my voice // seeking
a probing visage in muted verses

27 thoughts on “A singer, a painter, or: Me”

  1. I believe all those people exist in all of us, but the world puts us early into a box a and then we limit ourselves. I’m not saying we could all be Joni Mitchell or Matisse or Emily Dickinson, but we can all express ourselves in all those ways, and should, without fear, if only to an audience of one. As Picasso said, to be as a child. (K)

  2. The painter is confined to paint, the singer has only the voice, but the poet paints with words and sings songs with emotions on the page. I think your poetry does exactly what it is supposed to do – pulls us into your world and shows us life through your eyes… Bravo!

    1. exactly what it is supposed to do – pulls us into…

      I really try, Muri… but it often feels lacking somehow 😦
      (not fishing for reassurance!)


  3. I’m not really seeing the distinction between the art forms as you’ve described it here. Is it because you think the singer and artist have more skill to get the first “draft” right while the poet is still agonizing over the right word? I can’t speak for the artist (or arguably the singer, some would say, but I will anyway) but I can tell you that re: singing a) there is way more messing up and terrible practice prior to the performance (which is also sometimes terrible) and b) if writing an original song, the singer-songwriter would go through the same process as the poet.
    Anyway, you can make life a lot easier on yourself by leaving drafts unfinished/not quite right and then going back and revising!

      1. I am so glad you like it, David. There are many great quotes about art and creativity, but that one seemed fitting for your inspiring poem. 🎨💖 Thank you.

      1. Happy Friday to you too:):) and yes..of course it is…but as a piano player i really know, that practice does make perfect..or at least better piano players:)

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