[By] definition, or: [False] comfort

A gogyohka

I've emotions I can't hope to describe
floating beyond the reaches of language
words are merely blurry facsimiles
that provide [false] comfort
[by] definition

32 thoughts on “[By] definition, or: [False] comfort”

    1. well, that’s definitely the goal, Lauren πŸ™‚

      I just struggle with how well I achieve it… plus, sometimes I wonder if writing things down limits them and makes them less than what they really are.


  1. P.S.

    I’m really worried about the opposite, too. Things are crazy right now. I hate racism. I’m worried about fascism in general. This Wokeness has created a backlash that could trigger whites to become racist, too. Or, the conglomerate of corporations might galvanize into something. It’s sickening to me, but I just don’t want people destroying each other, and I see freedom of speech is slowly fading away. So sometimes I say things edgy, but you have to trust that they’re coming from the right motive. The world is more beautiful with many different cultures and even religions in it. I believe in reason’s ability to persuade and make peace.

    I won’t spam your comments. I just saw you unfollowed my blog today. At least I think you did. I don’t really have my list memorized, but I know the ones who are my regular readers.

    Love you brother. God bless.

    1. Brandon, I’d never actually subscribed to your blog – but I always notice your posts in my WordPress Reader feed! Unfortunately, it’s not realistic for me to follow everyone 😦


  2. Good poem. Thank you for being one of my regular readers. I hope you didn’t read “Changelings” and think I was saying something off colored. I was just reading Ovid at that time, and was thinking about Michelangelo’s Pieta, and reflecting on the Racism found among nonwhites right now. A recurrent image has been haunting me lately of another pogrom, only this one being committed against Europeans. I just wish people would realize we’re all valuable in God’s eyes. A lot of people see the world as “Oppressed” against “Oppressor”, and a lot of that is like German Angst.

    I do believe you were following my blog and your patronage is valuable to me. I’m pretty sure my blog is hacked—I can’t understand why I’m not accumulating a readership. But, I just wanted to let you know, I appreciated your patronage to my blog.

    God bless. Please feel free to continue reading my posts. I appreciate what audience I have.

    1. Brandon, thanks so much – that’s very kind of you πŸ™‚

      When I see your poetry in the WordPress reader, I often take a look – you write very passionately!

      All best,

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