Unpaved, or: Good intentions

A gogyohka

I trust your intentions completely;
sharing my private thoughts with you 
has only ever led to unnecessary hurt
never anything remotely positive
I'll take the road unpaved

33 thoughts on “Unpaved, or: Good intentions”

  1. David, you always put my head to spin:)not in a bad way..Intentions I think need to be looked at closely… Good intentions, really good intentions are good..obviously this betrayal came from someone, on some level with bad intentions, dressing them in the falsehood,”my intentions are good” Islam has a way of looking at good intentions as having a lot of weight..but if they somehow lead to bad outcomes, should we forgive and forget those or….?

    1. that’s so interesting, Karima…

      actually, this poem was inspired by somebody who thinks they have good intentions – and their intentions may largely be good because they want what’s best for me… but to a large extent, they want to know about me because of how it makes them feel, rather than because it’s helpful to me…

  2. An elevated way to (appear to) lift someone up, then drop the truth on them (before setting out on the unpaved road). Interesting read. Well done, David.

  3. That is the problem with sharing private thoughts and feelings – the adage is correct “Whispering a secret into the ear of a friend is the same as shouting it to the whole world”. I’m not sure if it is misplaced trust or simply an unfounded hope for greater intimacy that drives us to share and be vulnerable…. Love the gogyohka!

  4. Sometimes the only sensible thing to do. I was reading a post yesterday about ‘good intentions’ going wrong and creating hurt. Excellent poem, David.

  5. Such haunting and mesmerizing scenery, David. Sometimes, the road unpaved makes all the difference. It can change what we know for the better, perhaps. Very well-written!

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