Michael Jackson, or: Captain EO

A schuttelreim

Captain EO rocked 'Billie Jean' out on his old space keyboard
Thus blowing out completely the darned thing's b chord

34 thoughts on “Michael Jackson, or: Captain EO”

  1. … and clearly I commented before the vid!

    Captn EO was one of the few places at DLand where you could sit for a bit, in shade, with almost no waiting line.

  2. Did you ever see Captain EO at a Disney park?

    The only thing I remember is the high-pitched (Jackson, talking excitedly, “We’re going in!” You could say that to a lot of So Californians and they’d recognize it… though maybe not recall the source.

      1. It was 3D. Now called 4D because it used sensory stuff… fans & water spray.

        I keep stopping the vid after a few seconds, not ready to see it again…but also wanting to.

          1. I finally noped out just after 6min. I don’t remember the evil Muppets. the flying thing triggered a love/hate memory.

          2. Now, I haven’t been to the park in approx 20yrs. I used to visit Downtown Disney about once a year to have cockrltails and watch the fireworks show…but now a lot of the show is too low to be seen from outside the park. I believe it restarted, weekends only, over memorial day.

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