Rejected by fellow landsmen?

No love from Israelis

Like many other bloggers, I take time to search for like-minded writers on WordPress who share my interests. Obviously, I am interested in finding talented poets and creative writers, as well as bloggers who think critically about politics, religion, and various salient issues of our day. Also, as a Jew and an Israeli, I am always excited to come across other Jewish and Israeli bloggers.

Over my year (and change) of blogging, I’ve noticed that my readership numbers among Israelis are low – certainly lower that I would have expected them to be. Of course, Israel is a small country; but, even so, this is quite apparent.

Since beginning this blogging adventure, I have made multiple attempts at ‘liking’, ‘commenting’ on, and even ‘following’ blogs written by fellow Israelis, but, somehow, I have entirely failed to attract them to the Skeptic’s Kaddish. And, to be honest, I find this puzzling.

In fact, even RL friends of mine living in Israel barely read this blog. On more than one occasion, I’ve been told, “yeah, wow! you’re so… prolific…” which essentially means: “who has the time to read everything you write? I know I certainly don’t!” And, honestly, I completely agree with them – I don’t expect anybody to regularly read what I write – not even friends of mine.

But fellow WordPress users share this same blogging platform… where have they been hiding?

Writing about Israel

Just recently, before and after the recent formation of Israel’s new government, I wrote a series of blog posts on that subject. Generally, I’d avoided writing political posts, but with such a major, historic upheaval in Israeli politics, it felt unnatural not to write anything about it. Upon publishing those posts, I was curious to see if any other Israeli bloggers would crawl out of the woodwork… but – nope – nada.

So it would seem that the issue is not a matter of content… even when I explicitly write about Israel, nobody in Israel seems to take note of it. Those who were most interested in my posts on Israeli politics were neither Israeli, nor Jewish.

Jewish bloggers

Now, when it comes to networking with fellow Jewish bloggers on WordPress, I’ve had a greater level of success. Several who regularly interact with me here also maintain Jewish themed blogs (although they are not based in Israel). And other Jewish bloggers who write about more general subjects (not about Israel and Judaism) have expressed an interest in my written thoughts regarding our shared identity.

So it would seem that the Skeptic’s Kaddish is somehow more attractive to Jews in the Diaspora than it is to those in Israel. I do continue to hope that I’ll befriend a fellow Israeli blogger some day via WordPress… but perhaps that’s simply unrealistic.


93 thoughts on “Rejected by fellow landsmen?”

  1. While I am not Jewish nor am I from Israel, I will say that your writing has opened doors for people like myself, who want to understand and hear stories about other cultures and ideas. Your stories, your life, is another avenue of understanding. I have enjoyed be a part of your journey and I hope you don’t become too discouraged with the lack of engagement from your community. It’s such a private thing to discuss- religion and different viewpoints- and you are breaking the mold by sharing what it is like in your world to be you. Continue to write, and we will continue to read and support you in your journey!

    1. Rose, that is incredibly sweet and supportive of you. Thank you!

      It’s not that I’m discouraged by the lack of engagement from other Israeli bloggers… it’s that I’m surprised by it, and somewhat sad, I suppose… but that was never even one of my top ten reasons for blogging, and I can certainly live with it. 🙂


  2. David, some things are beyond comprehension! You should have had Israeli bloggers following you but they don’t. Their loss.
    But don’t worry, your blogging is our gain. 😀❤️

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