She’s clever, or: Ugh… really?

A schuttelreim

Ugh... My socks don't match? It's never clear...
Well, I've got my wife (she's clever) near!

59 thoughts on “She’s clever, or: Ugh… really?”

  1. Sparky was at the family gathering and son#1 noticed that his shirt and shorts didnโ€™t match. I just told him that I hadnโ€™t selected that outfitโ€ฆ Mismatched socks were the least of his troubles!!

  2. Your schuttelreims remind me of a Russian poet/satirist who made Aliah years ago, Igor Garik (Guberman). Although he writes quatrains (he calls them ‘gariki’), but the sense of humor is similar. When he is not using typically Russian expressions inappropriate in family environment, that is.
    If you are interested, you might want to look up, illustrated by a good friend of mine who had illustrated my son’s book.
    Much love,

      1. My pleasure, David. If you are unable to read it, I am sure your wife will help. I read Russian books to my husband, and often he prefers it to translations.

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