Oh… no!, or: Oh… yes!

A schuttelreim

The beast stole forward, creeping slow
Soon puss would feast on sleeping crow

35 thoughts on “Oh… no!, or: Oh… yes!”

  1. Fun! Maybe a bit gross too. πŸ˜†
    I will (attempt to) add one to the mix:

    To the kitchen the vegan did strut; she’ll not be eating crow
    At the chopping block is where she’ll be, cutting eggplant

    Love learning new poetic forms from you! πŸ˜„

    1. Michele, that’s super cute, but it’s not a schuttelreim because the final two words of the two lines don’t rhyme – they’re not a spoonerism…


      1. Thanks teach! I realized that after the fact. Guess I am eating crow, with a fork, not a spoon! πŸ˜† Here is my modified attempt, with a rhyming couplet~

        From the garden she grows her meal, she culls evermore
        To the kitchen the vegan does strut; she’ll not be eating crow

        1. Eating crow is a tough one.

          The spoonerism would sound like – creeting owe, but that doesn’t mean anything… Not all words have workable spoonerisms.

              1. Thank you. Same to you, David. πŸ’— I just read what I wrote, that doesn’t even rhyme. I should not attempt rhyming (or chopping) before I have had a cup of coffee. 🀣 My schuttelreim sucks, but it has been fun. 😁

  2. Another one! You are on fire… but then I read the comment about doing them ahead. Still impressive and a real work out for the grey matter…

  3. Ok here’s my first attempt:

    I went to buy some cooking fat
    And tripped over the flipping cat 😹

    The family friendly version doesn’t quite work…

    1. That’s awesome! πŸ˜€

      BTW, I’m writing these because I want to get ahead in my #APoemADay game… so I wrote 7 gogyohkas for this week, now working on 7 schuttelreims for the following week… and then,… not sure yet.

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