Feast, or: Famine

A schuttelreim

The king, concerned, has thrown open his vast duck reserve;
In great famine, that's no less than the poor ruck deserve

18 thoughts on “Feast, or: Famine”

  1. I think we aren’t meant to read too much into these rhymes, but I agree that the peasants probably didn’t even have guns let alone clues. The king had guns but also no clue. (K)

    1. don’t worry – I’ve only got 1 more to do… my goal is to to complete 7 of them to have a full week’s worth of schuttelreims for my Twitter account 🙂

      1. Lol David, you must get really frustrated with some of us. I just thought that peasants wouldn’t have the slightest clue about duck hunting nor the culinary taste for it. But you’ve got the cogs of the old grey matter whirring. 😂

        1. Lesley, not at all!

          Actually, I think your reading of it makes total sense – when I wrote it, I was more focused on the rhyme itself (spoonerisms are hard to do!) than potential interpretations. I think you’re right – peasants wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to go duck hunting.


          1. Now that I’ve looked up the meaning of ‘spoonerism’ and ‘ruck’, I see what you’ve done, David. This is an education for me. You have great patience. 😊

    1. Lokesh – don’t take the poem too seriously – it’s written with humor. It just means that the king made his gaming grounds available to the masses of people who lived in his kingdom during a time of famine.


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