Phat, or: Fat

A schuttelreim

Though the rapper's flow, deft, didn't clot... (!Never!)
she, female, was mocked: You are NOT clever...

Thanks for putting up with my schuttelreims!

I’m done with these for now – I just wanted to write 7 poems in the same poetic form for a week’s worth of Twitter poetry… #APoemADay

20 thoughts on “Phat, or: Fat”

  1. Practice, practice, it is a way we learn! Keep up the good work. Your poems are inspiring to me, as is your willingness to share all manner of your writings. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I used to live in Oxford, which would get plenty os tourists. You used to hera the French kids playing games with spoonerisms. It was fascination putting the original words back together in what was a foreign language anyhow. Of course, I was dog-slow.

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