Through thick, or: Thin

A naani

my hand
wraps around hers down to her thin wrist
subtly, I press finger against vein
to feel my child's pulse

19 thoughts on “Through thick, or: Thin”

    1. I’m not checking for fever when I do that – I just like feeling her little child’s pulse – it’s purely emotional for me.

      Shabbat shalom,

  1. David, you are a very involved father! When I taught second-grade science, we did a unit on human body systems, and students learned to take and record their pulse before and after doing squats. Pretty soon you may have someone to take your pulse! ❤ All the best

    1. Cheryl, I take her to kindergarten and pick her up every day, and we walk together in both directions, holding hands – so I hold her hand a lot 🙂


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