47, or: Bust

A Clerihew

President 45 Donald Trump
is again drawing crowds to the stump.
The Trump base, determined and united,
could care less that Trump Org was indicted.

16 thoughts on “47, or: Bust”

  1. I am glad I didn’t read this until after lunch. Today, Trump said at a rally that if Facebook and Twitter could “do this” to a sitting president, they could do it to anyone. His supporters in the crowd were eating it up! Yuck! David, I hope he goes to jail, though I kind of doubt if he will!

    All the best! โค

  2. On the contrary, all the illegal things he does, not to mention the morally questionable, are a badge of honor. No shame is too good a term for all of them. (K)

  3. Gah! I’m hoping he ends up in jail. That might (but probably not) dissuade some of his rabid supporters to rethink their stance or at least check their moral compasses….

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