Fact, or: Fiction?

A Clerihew

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un
allows no Korean his health to impugn.
He's lost weight and faces a food shortage
and abhors international reportage!


Thanks for putting up with my Clerihews… I wrote 7 of them for another week of my #APoemADay challenge, and now I’ll move onto something else!

17 thoughts on “Fact, or: Fiction?”

      1. Shavuah Tov, David.
        At some point I saw a comment of you regarding my so-called ‘sweetness’ which vanished when I lost signal and never reappeared.
        I thank you for the compliment, dear friend, but there is a lot more to me than sweetness; however, it is between me and Ha-kadosh Baruch Chu.
        Have a wonderful week,

          1. Ha! The ‘elements’ came first, everything else developed later, David. I am named after two great-grandmothers, the aggressive, powerful, commandeering Rebbetzen Devorah Leah and the gentle Yentl. My grandmother (Yentl’s daughter) always claimed that I was all Devorah and no Yentl. It took years to bring out ‘Yentl traits.’

  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to clerihew, I kinda feel inspired! Been in a writing funt but these have booted me out,😊

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