Fact, or: Fiction?

A Clerihew

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un
allows no Korean his health to impugn.
He's lost weight and faces a food shortage
and abhors international reportage!


Thanks for putting up with my Clerihews… I wrote 7 of them for another week of my #APoemADay challenge, and now I’ll move onto something else!

24 thoughts on “Fact, or: Fiction?”

  1. Once again your commitment to practicing different forms is wondrous! It inspires me to keep learning in all my writings and poetry and musical meanderings! ✨

      1. Ooh! This is a great question! I really like the word cinquain, and the concept of restricting something to a certain number of lines. To distill down a writing to its essence. I haven’t tried writing any, but this coming week I might just give it a go! Thank you! 😁

          1. Coming soon! Your encouragement will help me actually do it instead of just talking about it. Much of my poetry is borne out of struggles with depression, filled with deep emotion and no specific form of number of lines or words, just what broke free from my soul to write. ✨

            Thank you for your encouragement. 🙏

      1. Shavuah Tov, David.
        At some point I saw a comment of you regarding my so-called ‘sweetness’ which vanished when I lost signal and never reappeared.
        I thank you for the compliment, dear friend, but there is a lot more to me than sweetness; however, it is between me and Ha-kadosh Baruch Chu.
        Have a wonderful week,

          1. Ha! The ‘elements’ came first, everything else developed later, David. I am named after two great-grandmothers, the aggressive, powerful, commandeering Rebbetzen Devorah Leah and the gentle Yentl. My grandmother (Yentl’s daughter) always claimed that I was all Devorah and no Yentl. It took years to bring out ‘Yentl traits.’

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