Good, or: Jew

A [serious] limerick

I am, sadly, not a very good Jew
though I've studied more than many Jews do
I once tried to believe
but felt simply naรฏve
I think God and I are basically through

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      1. Yes, actually. It shook my faith and I’m still angry with God. Not just about COVID but lots of things. I lost my job and am unemployed. I keep track of WHO’s statistics and it makes me frustrated that this is happening…Now. When we can do so many things but we can’t seem to fix this. Reminds me of the Logical Problem of Evil Argument. You know….like: Why does God allow evil in the world?

        1. I feel you. FWIW, though, I think being angry at God is an acknowledgement of God’s role in your life, rather than a dismissal of it… does that make sense?

          Regarding evil, I’m totally with you.

  1. I’m going to be brave here and just say it…I think people get too hung up in the authority of it all…No one likes to be told what to do. Why should I follow the word of someone/thing I can’t see? And a bunch of words some guys wrote a long time ago…why do I have to be this way or that way? Oh and while we’re at it instead of trying focus on just having a relationship with God or even just a nameless force in the universe…let’s get super stuck on the legalities of it all. I mean we’re always going to sin and not be enough so what’s the point? I let these questions get in the way of my personal relationship with God. I went to church and went through the motions. There was nothing calling out to me there but it felt backwards to leave. After a year of fighting what felt wrong…I left church. It’s not about the building or the symbols and you can totally believe or not believe what you want but my relationship with God improved when I stopped caring so much about the details. We argue religion more than anything else. If you only care to have a relationship with religion you miss the true point of what it means to connect with God…this is just my take on it….don’t hurt me please lol

    1. Veronica, you’re spot on about the arguing – I mean – seriously? Christians are going to Muslim Hell, and Muslims are going to Christian Hell… if you think about it, you can’t win anyway!


      1. It’s unfortunate that all the aruging over it pushes people away when the whole point is to come together. By fighting over each other’s religions, no one wins. It’s not a good marketing strategy lol unless your of the mindset that any exposure is good exposure but still…it’s sad and unfortunate ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Sometimes we must become comfortable in uncertainty. I have accepted that I cannot know without a doubt what is the absolute truth concerning God. This is something that must wait until after I’ve left this plane of existence. Until then I choose to believe…

    1. I choose to believeโ€ฆ

      but how far do you take it? choose to believe what – that would be my question. For me, there’s too much suffering of innocents in this world to make sense of.


  3. God’s bigger than any one religion, God never gives up on you. Believe in yourself is the placed to start, taking care of the soul and remembeing God is something within you.

    1. People understand “God” in different ways. I think of “God” as a supernatural force that created the universe and is beyond our comprehension. That’s about it.

  4. A bit crowded linguistically, and disagree. You are a wonderful Jew. Judaism is about Isra-el, wrestling with God, and you do that beautifully, and all the time.

  5. Never having been a true believer (I did try for a while) in any religion, I feel affinity with your conclusion. But I understand that for people who have believed and then “lose God” (so to speak) it’s quite a grieving process. I don’t know if that’s be the case for you.

    1. I’m in between… I did manage to convince myself that I believed in God for some time, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that it was just that – me convincing myself, rather than actual belief. Still, as someone who loves his people and his people’s traditions, it would be so much easier for me to follow them if I did believe in the underlying logic behind them.

  6. I love limericks and did write a few long time ago! This is very clever and I think I can substitute Hindu for Jew in my case! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. There seems to be a lot of symbolism associated with Judaism. I think I would at least want to satisfy myself that it made sense, that it was ordained by God as opposed to one of its representatives on earth.

        1. it’s very ritualistic.

          sometimes the ritual can be meaningful in and of itself (often, in fact)… but other times? not so much.

        2. This is the bit that gets me in every religion. All the rule books written by men (and mostly it was only men) and all these rules written 2000+ years ago by men of that time. If you don’t believe God spoke to those men (whether you believe bin God or not) then you’re out, right? You have to take the word of those men that God communicated with them. I can’t. There are too many tricksters about. And so many religions put women in a pretty bad light. So that’s where I come unstuck with religion.

          1. True for sure with churches. I don’t know how that applies to religions, though. It’s a subject I don’t know enough about, but it’s an interesting question, whether so-called holy texts ascribe different roles for the genders. I suspect you’re right. Far as I know, Christianity, Islam, Judaism all do, but I wonder if they all do?

          2. I don’t know. I looked into Buddhism once, but as a philosophy rather than a religion. I haven’t had real exposure to any other religions.

        1. exactly, toxic – run the other way – and they are on a scale from merely do-gooders to positively psychically manipulating and the dogmatic somewhere in between.

  7. Always fascinating how a meter can affect the tone of our words. Clever limerick.

    1. YES. Meter, rhyme, etc. It fascinates me… that’s why I keep on trying so many different forms ๐Ÿ˜€

      Poetry is so much more than just the meanings of the words…


      1. I’ve read so many different forms on your blog. You have a great affinity with words and how to make them work.

    1. I don’t like it either. At all. I think it’s utter nonsense and a destructive way of thinking – I discourage it for everyone.

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