Too much, or: Too little, or: Just right

A [serious] limerick

I'm worried she's too much like me.
She lives in stories that others can't see.
She's all imagination
and loving adoration;
but much less grounded in reality...

48 thoughts on “Too much, or: Too little, or: Just right”

  1. like the writing, David. As for worries about not being grounded – I’d worry if a child her age was not full of phantasy. School will undoubtedly do its part to strangle the talent and ‘reality’ to take over. I am glad you have found a school you seemed reasonably happy with when you first wrote about it. Do you have Montessori schools in Israel btw – they may be the only exceptions there. Take heart – a trilingual child has probably the best chances to whether the storms educational adjustment brings.

    1. I’m sure there are Montessori schools in Israel – but this isn’t one of them. Every school has its own +s and -s, of course. I attended a Montessori preschool as a child.

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