Too much, or: Too little, or: Just right

A [serious] limerick

I'm worried she's too much like me.
She lives in stories that others can't see.
She's all imagination
and loving adoration;
but much less grounded in reality...

48 thoughts on “Too much, or: Too little, or: Just right”

  1. Lovely πŸ™‚ My inner child is knocking. I thought I put her away lol but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to embrace is once in awhile πŸ™‚

  2. Ah! I love this one- seriously! Do not despair – nurture the imagination as that will keep her afloat when the real world presses in and presses her down. She will rise buoyed by her inner life and not only survive but thrive in the work-a-day world… Hopefully she will also be able to use her imagination – in science, mathematics, humanities – whatever she chooses! Give her the foundation and she will build a magnificent house!

  3. Sounds like she soulfully lives in stories others wish the could dream. You appear to be just fine, David- so I’m sure she has a good role model to guide her with inherit happiness.

      1. Having spent a career working in banks, these last 5 years enforced absense, if you like, have been the most satisfying intellectually. I tink it’s swingsa and roundabouts. I enjoy creating the things I create now.

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