Bolt of blue, or: Refresh

A ukiah

(reverse haiku inspired by inverted photo)

produce spearminted icy
all chilled precisely
cooling hot summer nicely

26 thoughts on “Bolt of blue, or: Refresh”

  1. Wow, I love that photo and your work. At first I couldn’t figure out what the beautiful photo held and then I saw the bananas, beautiful. Hugs, Joni

  2. The coolness of the produce – yes I spent an inordinate amount of time selecting lettuces today. I dallied so long that the mister came on! What a delight!

  3. nicely done… I’m feeling it David.
    by the way… hope you saw I mentioned you in my post yesterday about ideas to strategize time management in blogging.. maybe you’re taking me up on my offer and writing a blog piece on it..?

  4. With temperatures above 100 degrees F in many parts of the world right now, I am especially grateful for our cooler Montana temps today. Your icy spearmint is delightfully refreshing!

    1. You’re very lucky, Jan! I read an article recently about how temperatures are going up everywhere, and here in the Middle East, many countries are especially at risk, and their populations are blowing out their electric grids during the summer months because of the air conditioning!


  5. Definitely appreciate the cool vibe in your words! lol it’s currently 30 degrees Celsius where I am or if you’re of the Fahrenheit variety, 86 degrees lol Maybe not that bad for some but this chick does not handle heat well lol

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