Crisp, or: Fresh

A limerick

I sow d'Verse prompts in my garden
But I feel that I must beg your pardon.
For my rows are of keys
That yield green abc's
Though my gardenin's really quite ardent.

A d’Verse prompt

Poetics: Garden(ing)

Today at d’Verse, we were prompted to engage in garden poetry writing.

Write about your own, your neighborโ€™s, or your cityโ€™s garden โ€“ or one that only exists in your imagination. Write about harvest, growth, decay โ€“ wherever the word โ€œgardenโ€ takes you.

69 thoughts on “Crisp, or: Fresh”

  1. Just goes to show what you can create with words alone – nicely done David.๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. A lovely limerick. And I like the prompt at the end. I think it would be fun to write a manuscript of poetry prompts that doubled as works of literary art. Prompts that were poems and poems that were prompts.

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