Old moon, or: Metempsychosis

A lune

This form's prolly called
'lune' for its
curving crescent shape

21 thoughts on “Old moon, or: Metempsychosis”

  1. An interesting title and I’m not sure I get the connection – or the intersecting of the two terms…. Which has caught my attention more surely than the poem itself! And now I’m going to go muse on this as I bake a cake… a delicious pineapple cake to take to a pool party!

    1. So there’s kinda a double connection (in my head). First, the cycle of the moon is all about rebirth, right? That’s the more basic side to the title. The other part, for me, is that the creator of this form had something in mind when he created it, when he put his spirit into it… and now I am discovering and making it my own, putting my own spirit into it.


  2. Youโ€™re prolly right.

    And I also learned a new wordโ€”metempsychosis! Itโ€™s interesting and puts more context to this poem. โค๏ธ

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