Anía, or: Greek for boredom

She plants a niggling little thought -
    This movie's boring! (though it's not)
    I have something you'd like to see...
    but, first, I'd have sweet poetry!
Anía, please, I'm much too tired...
    My Dear, I know you're uninspired!
    I know too well your life is dull -
Long, practiced fingers trace my skull...
I feel her breathing on my ear -
    Let go frustrations, lose each care...
    Now, fill this void with silver tongue;
    verse for me hard 'til you are wrung!
    Color your mundane, humdrum life;
    your ho hum job and tiresome wife...
    Yes, wield that pen with fingers deft!
    Submit - you've no resistance left...
It's thus, groaning, I oft produce
expressive verse for artful muse.

A d’Verse prompt

Poetics: Who’s your Muse?

For this challenge, poets are to choose their muses. They may do this in any one of the following ways:

  • Write a poem invoking the Muse, and following in the long-established classical tradition.
  • Choose one of the nine Classical Muses and write a poem with her particular area of influence in mind (for example, choose Caliope and write a comedic poem)
  • Write a poem inspired by your own personal muse, whether that be an individual, a place, or anything else which fires your creativity. You can refer to your muse either directly or indirectly, but some form of reference to your muse as a source of inspiration should be included.

59 thoughts on “Anía, or: Greek for boredom”

  1. You’ve got a very determined muse! Resistance is futile. 😉 Love your writing style and your mischievous spirit.

        1. I was being silly – because the poem had sexual innuendo, and so I took the word “force” in that context.

          I know it was a compliment – sorry, I couldn’t help myself 😀


  2. This is great David, I love it and your muse knows what she is talking about. I still have a large grin on my face, it might just last all evening. Great piece. Hugs 🤗 Joni

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