Anía, or: Greek for boredom

She plants a niggling little thought -
    This movie's boring! (though it's not)
    I have something you'd like to see...
    but, first, I'd have sweet poetry!
Anía, please, I'm much too tired...
    My Dear, I know you're uninspired!
    I know too well your life is dull -
Long, practiced fingers trace my skull...
I feel her breathing on my ear -
    Let go frustrations, lose each care...
    Now, fill this void with silver tongue;
    verse for me hard 'til you are wrung!
    Color your mundane, humdrum life;
    your ho hum job and tiresome wife...
    Yes, wield that pen with fingers deft!
    Submit - you've no resistance left...
It's thus, groaning, I oft produce
expressive verse for artful muse.

A d’Verse prompt

Poetics: Who’s your Muse?

For this challenge, poets are to choose their muses. They may do this in any one of the following ways:

  • Write a poem invoking the Muse, and following in the long-established classical tradition.
  • Choose one of the nine Classical Muses and write a poem with her particular area of influence in mind (for example, choose Caliope and write a comedic poem)
  • Write a poem inspired by your own personal muse, whether that be an individual, a place, or anything else which fires your creativity. You can refer to your muse either directly or indirectly, but some form of reference to your muse as a source of inspiration should be included.

59 thoughts on “Anía, or: Greek for boredom”

  1. With such enthusiastic advice, how could anyone *not* pick up a pen and write poetry with deft fingers?! Wonderful advice that’s wonderfully put — and “fill this void” is a profound way to put it.

  2. I love what you’ve done here, and nice to see an extended sonnet 🙂 I especially like this line ‘Long, practiced fingers trace my skull…’ because it could be the Muse calling you to write, or you calling the Muse into being by writing…

  3. Sounds like that muse is a mistress of both pleasure and pain! She does seem to produce some great poetry in you non the less! Well done David.

  4. You did this wonderfully David….I liked the whole feeling..and any poem that is about a muse, personal or otherwise, makes my ears stand up:) like a German Shepard’s:)❤️🙏🌟

  5. Wow, David, the bitch is on fire. You let us ride the elephant, while you charmed the cobra with your poetic rhymes and rhythms. I like this piece a lot, it is chant poetry, and it is personal. You ain’t afraid of no writer’s block; smile. It is a Mitzvah, an atta’ boy, mantra, and ballad; nice work.

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