Comma or Colon

I don't mince words but 
I want to crble them up and spla tte  
       S            um                                                 r
            pl                          S                  pl
    tt        er                            atte
a                        Splat                          r
          s                          te    r                        spl
                pla                                      a  t
           tte    r                                              t   
Them across [CANVAS]                e
With    a    b--r--o--a--d                                   r
    br u sh
   b r u s h
  b r uu s h
 bb r u s hh

I would sssmmmeeeaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
                             them together -
           Are brleude really purple?
           Are yerleldow together the same as orange?
           Do ybellluoew actually make green?

I really doubt it                    

         <e (Y) e>          <e (Y) e>
                             n ' t
                    q  u  i  t  e
s e e               
     t h e 
              t r u t h

d’Verse Open Link Night

For this most recent OLN at d’Verse, I’d like to share a poem that I wrote last August, nearly one year ago.

This is one of many pieces that I have written in an exploration of what is and what is not poetry. TBH with you, this question still leaves me confused; but, regardless, I really enjoyed creating this one!

61 thoughts on “Comma or Colon”

  1. I love the question, which by way of you philosophically answer with a not seeing, seeing but not really seeing, I feel that is the true human condition until we attend, become really present.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜˜ Ingrid ๐Ÿ˜˜

      Honestly, I have no idea – I had nobody in mind when I wrote this – I’m not well versed in art in poetry… but a friend of mine said it sort of reminds her of E. E. Cummings. I truly don’t know – it’s an entirely original piece of mine.

      Shabbat shalom,

  2. This is just mind-scrambling! I donโ€™t have a very concrete definition for Poetry but I definitely think this is a thoughtfully-crafted poem!

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