Sleight, or: Mind

A sijo

If somebody were to meet me \ after reading my poetry
and expect me to be clever \ I would feel like a great fake
because it's merely sleight of mind \ but please don't quote me on that

Cleverness is not wisdom.

Euripides (c.โ€‰480 โ€“ c.โ€‰406 BCE)

33 thoughts on “Sleight, or: Mind”

  1. ‘Sleight of mind’ is a clever turn of phrase, David. I think Euripides knew whereof he was speaking about, yet yours is the case of cleverness which is part of wisdom.
    Air hugs,

    1. โค thanks so much, Kima โค

      I'm definitely trying! I love writing, and I only picked it up again recently… after many, many years.


  2. HAHA! I feel the same way! I can never come up with the witty response in real time. But give me a couple hours to mull over a response and I sound very clever! Still I think you would be an interesting conversationalist.

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