Preternatural, or: Continue

A sijo

The more I write, the less I believe \ in the supernatural
when I am otherwise occupied. \ Nevertheless, I know
I must continue writing \ given that it's so natural.

When I am writing, I do not distinguish between the natural and supernatural. Everything seems real. That is my world, you could say.

Haruki Murakami (b. 1949)

31 thoughts on “Preternatural, or: Continue”

  1. I can see that Murakami feels this way. As to you, David, it’s very cleverly phrased, but ‘preternatural’ is not the same as ‘supernatural;’ it is only ‘natural’ for vampires.
    Much love,

      1. Only for those who used to be human but aren’t any more, like the charming Lestat. But seriously, one of the synonyms is ‘extraordinary,’ i.e. still human, yet the most common usage is ‘existing outside nature,’ i.e. inhuman.

          1. I still like the book more than the film, and the entire Anne Rice’s vampire series even more. It feels New Orleans, and New Orleans has always felt to me as if Marie Laveau were still around while Lestat and co. add spice to the air. My second favorite is Marius, especially his life in Florence.

  2. When we write (poetry or prose) we bring into existence the imaginary and meld it with the reality – sometimes our reality and other times that of the reader…. a power few recognize.

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