Creation, or: Chaos

A monotetra

Verse comes in sheets of driving rain.
Thoughts pitter-pat ceaseless refrain.
Soaked through, my soul's washed clean of pain.
Words keep me sane. Words keep me sane.

While mind floats, buoyed by the flow,
The heart absorbs what none can know.
In foggy depths, rare insights glow.
They're birthed just so. They're birthed just so.


At d’verse we were prompted to write a poem in the monotetra form. I was happy to oblige!

62 thoughts on “Creation, or: Chaos”

  1. Gorgeousness begins here! 💝💝 I agree with you, words most definitely keep us sane 🙂

  2. “Words keep me sane. Words keep me sane.” oh don’t we all who deign to place pen to paper know this deeply in our souls, David. Wonderfully penned throughout.

  3. This piece is bang on, tight & taunt & flawless. You are as comfortable within this form as in a beloved arm chair. Very impressive, David. The form was fun for me.

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