Oh, come on, or: Srsly?

A landay

Thought experiment: If gender roles
are so natural, need religion reinforce them?

28 thoughts on “Oh, come on, or: Srsly?”

  1. I think you’ve mastered the landay! There are lots of rules that different religions have written into dogma. I find that there is a big difference between tradition and nature… as big a difference as between religion and spirituality.

  2. POWERful question David … there should be fluidity between who earns the income and a realistic sharing of domestic duties, especially when children are in the household!

    1. it’s a religious argument that irritates me because it feel disingenuous… if we are “supposed” to be a certain way according to nature, why not just let nature run its course?

      1. religion/institutions are all about control … I often think the most blessed are those with their own spiritual path not attached to any organisation ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. it’s something that annoys me about religious arguments I’ve heard.

      the idea is that men are X and women are Y and therefore modern society is backwards and traditional religious family life is the way human beings were designed to be… but if we were designed to be that way, why do we need religious rules to enforce those behaviors?


      1. This frustrates me too. Doesn’t religion also contradict itself in some ideas?

        I feel like if we look at, for instance, the bible as a moral code, I always wonder why. Do we need rules, as you say, for our behaviors to do good or are we inherently incapable? I am open minded towards religions and religious ideas, but it makes me wonder the whole point of origin with it.

        Imo, however, if it’s not religious differences causing dissent, it’s bound to be something else.

        But that’s a whole other subject, I guess. This is probably why I lean towards more agnostic.

        1. Imo, however, if itโ€™s not religious differences causing dissent, itโ€™s bound to be something else.

          I so, so, SO agree with this, Lucy!


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