Dead, or: Malleable

A landay

Memories are quite malleable;
Everything decomposes before recomposing

I think so but can’t say for sure, because passing time adds false memories and modifies real ones.

Stephen King (b. 1947)

39 thoughts on “Dead, or: Malleable”

  1. Oh the mind and memories – is is very interesting how 2 people standing side by side experience the same event yet their memories are divergent enough to question whether they saw the same thing! Memory is very plastic and so the “recovery” of lost memories is a very dubious endeavor…

    1. A story about memory: I lived for a brief time in a European country as a child. There was a cereal that I enjoyed there. that I hadn’t seen in the US. Decades after we moved back to USA, I found the cereal and bought it. It didn’t taste like my memories at all.

  2. Memories will always be stay saliently our one corner of the heart 🌷♥️🙏
    how much we want try to delete also in vain only , so we will cherish
    Our memories 🌷🙏👏😊

  3. Your word choice is incredible. You’ve allowed memories and losing/gaining them to appear as a physical process in my mind. Really cool and interesting to reflect on!

    1. referring to experience: am currently reading sentences claiming to be ‘haikus’ while only be factual sentences written in 3 lines… grrr 🙂

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