Mare, or: Reflection

I wade in; I float near
Not myself- who's that there?
Can't be me; won't free me
Else, I'd drift out to see
            No windows- no wind blows
            Stale thoughts heave in death throes
            This place's strange faces
            Fill the spaces tightly

Swift pacing, mind racing
Dreams fleeted yet chasing
Depleted, now seated,
Truth meted to me
            In pieces, heart ceases
            As time's s~l~o~w~flow~increases
            Mirroring their familiar
            Conciliar decree

Stern strangers, deranged- Or?
Portending no danger to
An ending upending their
Unbending decree
            As my eyes recognize them
            And my selfs humanize them
            I realize now 
            that the stranger
            in my mirror
            is me


d’Verse Open Link Night #297

For this OLN at d’Verse, I’d like to share one of the last poems that I wrote before I started adding images to all of my blog posts (which is something that all bloggers should do if they want to attract readers). I wrote this poem in late of October of 2020; it’s got a bit of a surreal flavor to it.

The photo that I found to accompany the poem is that of a person floating in the Dead Sea… it feels perfectly suited to the poem – it’s not a work of surrealist art – but rather an actual photograph.

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