Hate, or: Meh…

A hay(na)ku

doesn't catalyze
my creative processes

Muri’s “August Scavenger Hunt”

As much as I love Murisopsis (and I do!), I’m not actively participating in her “August Scavenger Hunt” because I’ve been keeping myself busy by striving to get through an entire year’s worth of #APoemADay on my Twitter account, on top of responding to the three weekly prompts served to us at the d’Verse Poet’s Pub. (I’ve written enough micropoems to get me to the beginning of October so far… But I still have nearly three months to go).

However, my current series of seven micropoems for #APoemADay overlaps with Muri’s “Scavenger Hunt” so I have written this hay(na)ku about hate (#4 in the Scavenger Hunt), which is something that I certainly wouldn’t have done otherwise… cuz hate is something I almost never actively think about.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – as a Jew, I am all too aware of the existence of ‘hate’ in the world, given my people’s history… but it’s simply not something that I can relate to on a personal level, other than as a potential target of it… And, even then, I haven’t experienced very much antisemitism in my personal life. Most of the time, I just think of hatred as something that’s been baked into cake of the human condition; something undying that continues to drag too many down and destroy their lives; something that will only damage me spiritually if I focus on it.

14 thoughts on “Hate, or: Meh…”

  1. That’s the best stance to take. Hate, diminishes and devalues ones character and growth. Even if it’s directed toward you, return love. .. coals of fire on their heads as the word says.

  2. I’m not sure you understand the scavenger hunt – even writing one poem makes you a participant! (I don’t require an all or nothing approach.) Anyway it is wonderful that you have dodged the hate bullet. I try not to dwell on negatives and definitely (and actively) avoid attracting negativity. Still I’m not immune to feeling empathy for those who have experienced hatred… I do like this Hay(na)ku as it is a perfect snapshot of your feelings without frills or disguise.

  3. I am glad that hate is not baked into your personal cake, David, and it’s nice that you have not experiences much antisemitism. Those of us who have, though, might have a different (and quite intense!) feeling.
    The mini-poem is a burst of thought – very nice.

  4. I love little word snippets because they can pack so much meaning simply and that profoundness always catches my attention. I’m a wordy person, always use fifty words when you could only use six, lol, and I believe that’s why few and simple can grab me so quickly.
    Great poem

  5. I have had to look up several words from your poems recently. I feel duty bound to introduce you to the wonderful word: “sesquipedalianism” It means using big words where little words would do. My father introduced it to me when I was a teenager and it has long been a favourite word… alongside discombobulate which I simply like because it sounds like its meaning.

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