Give me freedom, or: Give me death

My 1st oddquain

dom requires
resources, unless
1 refers to the right 2

Murisopsis’ Scavenger Hunt

Muri is running a poetry scavenger hunt this month and an oddquain about poverty is #6 on her list.

This is also the first in a series of seven oddquains that I’m writing for my #APoemADay challenge, which I took up this year. I’ve been posting daily poems on Twitter since January 1, and recently I decided to complete my entire year’s worth of micropoems well in advance of December 31.

This poem and the six that follow it will be posted to my Twitter account in mid-October.

15 thoughts on “Give me freedom, or: Give me death”

  1. The oddquain is a fun form and you took this prompt and made it sing – a sad song but a song nonetheless. Thanks for doing the scavenger hunt!!

  2. Nice work, Brother. It’s a cool form; certainly requires serious concision. Right up my alley. I’ll give it a whirl, I”m certain.

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