As more die, or: As we did once

My 1st kasa (or gasa)

I feel guilty. People live
in terror, scared of COVID,
wearing face masks. Pandemic,
corona; bodies pile up.

Numbers don't lie, as more die
every day. But I'm just one
man with a child; and I want
her to thrive, grow up carefree,
attend first grade. Normalcy
is today's ~ new abnormal.

Still... her future... I want her
living free, as we did then.

d’Verse poetics 

Exploring the realm of Korean Literature

At d’Verse, we were instructed to either:

  1. Write a poem that’s loosely based on Korean folklore. You may opt to create a tale of your own in regard to a myth or legend you might have discovered, 0R
  2. Write a poem using the Poetic form “Kasa.” The choice of topic is entirely up to you.

Kasa (or Gasa)

The Kasa (song-words) tends to be much longer than other forms of Korean poetry and is usually written in balanced couplets. It is:

  • Syllabic, 7-syllable lines broken by caesura into alternating groups of 3 and 4 syllables or 8 syllable lines broken by caesura into equal 4 syllable phrases. These options are guides with variables at the discretion of the poet;  
  • Strophic. Groups of variable numbers of lines as opposed to uniform stanzas;
  • Content is described or exposed through parallels. This is the heart of the form;
  • Written from unrequited love, patriotism, daily life, nostalgia, etc.

53 thoughts on “As more die, or: As we did once”

      1. A bad one. They hope to get the youth their first shot by September. A Passport is coming our so I won’t have to carry my vaccination certificate around on my phone. Another 600 new infections yesterday and the Lambda strain is resistant to vaccines.

  1. Normalcy
    is today’s ~ new abnormal.

    Such simple words when arranged right can be as impactful as this line. Felt the love you have for your child in this piece. In His time. In His time.

  2. I like this style poetry and you did a great job with it David.
    I truly empathize with you David. Your poems essence captured what we’re all feeling during this uncertain times so sad. My daughter has been prepping for the classroom and can’t wait to see the kids…. MAYBE… it’s so disconcerting not knowing if you’re coming or going. Kids are resilient and yet we have no idea the impact this is making on them right now and to be clear there will be one but your love is her anchor which you do so well. Sending you a dose of courage and love today.
    I’ve been waffling on my newsletter to send to clients because what am I going to say… Classes and massage are starting, have started but now I’m not sure I should do this or blah blah. For the love of…. 💖💖💖

    1. Thanks, Cindy ❤

      it’s so disconcerting not knowing if you’re coming or going.

      that’s one of the worst things about this endless situation… I feel like I’ve lost my bearings.

      your love is her anchor which you do so well.

      I just hope she comes through this period okay… and I don’t mean physiologically…


      1. You’re so welcome.
        I get what you mean

        ” that’s one of the worst things about this endless situation… I feel like I’ve lost my bearings.”

        I sometimes feel like fragments of myself.

        Trusting and loving is al we’ve got.. and no matter how hard we try to protect them.. there are bruises and I hope her’s are small.


  3. oh yeah… I’m with you on that one.
    I’m trying to be hopeful though – vaccines, new treatments (uni of Queensland was on the news here recently with a new antiviral) – maybe your kids and mine will have something not too far from “normal”.
    …and hopefully my teenagers will get their heads up from their phones long enough to notice!

  4. I understand your compassionate feelings, David, but no parent should feel guilty about wanting their child to have the gift of childhood. Sending love to you and your family. 💓

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