Languages, or: Identities

A tricube

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I am most
in English.

что русский
тоже мой.


I feel that
Russian is
also mine.

עברית, היא


Hebrew, she
belongs to
my people.

Tricube rules:

  • Each line contains three syllables.
  • Each stanza contains three lines.
  • Each poem contains three stanzas.

7 thoughts on “Languages, or: Identities”

    1. well, I do speak all of those languages – the tricky part was getting both the stanzas on the left and the stanzas on the right (in different languages) to fit the meter scheme… but it was fun 😀


  1. I wanted to use a Polish alphabet and was stymied in the attempt. For the use of the Cyrillic script and the Hebrew font too, I like this poem. The content points to the fractured self image that I think happens to all individuals who must adapt to different cultures or customs…

    1. yeah – I think it works well in this poem because each of my tongues has a different alphabet. It would be less interesting if I spoke English, Spanish, and French 😉

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