Together, or: Eventually

A concrete poem

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                    you are 

                              stretching upwards and sideways
                                           squirming wriggling everywhere

           even the walls are beyond
                         are trapped in a narrow cup

        going nowhere
but down down down
                    and out 

         we do 
have a bit of time together, don't we?
stay with me for Shabbat, won't you?

I hope you won't go out like last time

black wick stuck in the stiff cold wax
suffocated by frozen white bubbles I 
was not at all ready for your absence 


Open link night

For today’s OLN, I am sharing a poem I wrote in October 2020, which was one of the very last that I posted to this blog without a ‘featured image’, which I have since come to consider a mistake.

According to Jewish tradition, 24 hour memorial candles are lit for departed loved ones on the Hebrew anniversaries of their deaths, as well as on particular holidays.

At some point not so long ago, I took to lighting a candle for Papa every Friday night, before Shabbat (the Sabbath) sets in. It comforts me to know that it’s flickering away in the kitchen, and I enjoy watching the flame dance occasionally.

The candle you see in the small photo on the right is one that I lit for Papa. It’s in a beautiful candle holder, which was designed by a well-known Jerusalem-based artist, specifically for yahrzeit (Jewish memorial) candles.

46 thoughts on “Together, or: Eventually”

  1. Once I figured it out (bit slow on the uptake, or updraft if you will, over here). Then I read it again from the wax up, so to speak, and I think you should play with that, so that you can read it from either the flame or the candle (oh and now I’m going to need to write that one myself aren’t I) lol this comment turned into a prompt.

  2. Very poignant and very deep. The candleholder is very beautiful. I am glad that you have found comfort in lighting a Yuhrzeit candle every Shabbat. I have never thought of that…
    Shabbat Shalom,

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