Prayer, or: Not another

My 1st abhanga

If I were ever to
attempt again to pray
I'd have little to say
to another

Without question, I know
rests entirely with me
not another

13 thoughts on “Prayer, or: Not another”

  1. I don’t think of prayer as abdication of responsibility but rather dialogue and listening for guidance… Too many think of prayer as asking/demanding solutions to problems or situations that are within the purview of the individual.

  2. We are responsible for ourselves, yet we are also responsible for others. If everyone lived by this rule, life would be so much more pleasant and meaningful.

  3. . . . and one of the most enthusiastic – willing to have a go at any form! 😀

  4. This one hit home David…responsibility is a surprisingly easy thing to abdicate, sometimes it’s not even clear when we’re giving it away.

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