‘Tween, or: Loss

My 2nd abhanga

The intersection 'tween
our combined religious
wisdom, so prodigious,
and we today...

Dismissed or rejected
by harsh disbelievers
and earnest believers
~ a loss for both

25 thoughts on “‘Tween, or: Loss”

  1. Loved the pieces David. The second one! Many start disbelieving in humanity as a whole too cynical , many believe in humanity narrowed down to religious lines and customs. Humanity is east and west and we must look forward to it!

  2. There should be respect for all faiths. The key is the word faith. In a world where people don’t believe in much these days faith is important. It goes hand in hand with family.

  3. I have noted this form before but never attempted one because of the required internal rhyme… but you didn’t use the internal rhyme so now I’m rethinking the form. A nice commentary on religion and belief and the differences and similarities (hinted at and left to the reader’s imagination)!

  4. – never heard the term before, so not sure what it means but it reminds me: I had just the other day commented on a youtube video – muezzin calling to prayer – a) that it inspires independent of beliefs and b) I once, 2002 I think, woke in a christian hostel in the Old City of Jerusalem to the muezzin calling to morning prayer from loudspeaker on the roof top that served as balcony for the hostel. It went through and through and meant a great relief from the religious business. As I am currently staying in a neighbourhood of Bonn firmly in the hand of Muslims, I had the benefit again when some neighbours listened to the call from a recording over lunch yesterday. before I leave. Must tell the landlord before I leave what it meant. He will understand. Shabat Shalom.

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