Make head, or: Tail of this

My 2nd double acrostic poem

Poetic forms are all over the map ~
Ukiah, sonnet, limerick, haiku,
Zanze, atom, sestina, ghazal, blitz...
Zaniness, romance, suspense, darkness, schmaltz...
Let yourself go; experience the pull;
Every one can connect to something else.

d’Verse poetics:

For the love of puzzles…

For today’s d’Verse prompt, poets were challenged to either write 1) a poem that in some way relates to a puzzle they’ve been faced with; 2) one that includes the word ‘puzzle’; or 3) an acrostic… extra points for an Acrostic Plus!

For my contribution, I opted for a double acrostic… my second such poem. Here is my first:

Dehumanization, or: Zoology

63 thoughts on “Make head, or: Tail of this”

  1. David, clever indeed. Your effort is an Acrostic ++ I guess. I enjoyed both poems and messages, but your first had more meat on it, more poetic depth for me.

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