Mating, or: Danger

A Badger’s hexastitch

scent glands
produce odors
during mating season
and send warning signals
when the clan's in

20 thoughts on “Mating, or: Danger”

    1. I didn’t come across any information about divorces in my reading, but female badgers have to be receptive to the advances of male badgers – it’s not by default

  1. I guess as a purest I stuck to the Crapsey Cinquain… But this is enticingly fun. I am enjoying that you are taking the Badger theme to new heights!

      1. You’re rocking it. You make it seem easy. Congrats. You’re a natural.
        All I know about these syllabic forms I learned (maybe learned) from Colleen At Tanka Tuesday. Could get addictive but it’s a good addiction. Love them.
        I stumble hard with the ones that insist on rhyme. Hard.
        And then there’s the Sestina. That one I’ve tried but never published. It kills me.
        Keep going, dear friend. Good night from me. xo

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