Friend, or: Foe

A Badger’s hexastitch

to see here, no
badgers; please leave; humans,
coyotes, cougars, bears,
eagles are not

25 thoughts on “Friend, or: Foe”

    1. actually, I wasn’t initially planning on doing this (I thought I was done with the badgers) but somebody gave me the idea of doing a dribble which is also a badger hexastitch – so I had to try! it’ll be online in 10-15 minutes 😉

      so… there’s ONE more badger to come!

      1. of course you did. 🤣
        and I’ll just tell that client coming to wait as the badger is on it’s way and make them dribble balls for their workout today. 🤣 ❤️

          1. That symbol reminded me of an old Odessa joke:
            An Odessite is walking along Deribasovskaya street holding a huge watermelon. A tourist stops him and asks, “How do I get to Lenin street?”
            The Odessite says, “Hold the watermelon,” then shrugs his shoulders, raises his arms (exactly like your symbol) and answers, “How should I know?”
            The deeper meaning of the joke is that you can’t walk on Deribasobskaya without crossing Lenin street, but true Odessites never used “the new” (communist) street names.

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