Taxidea Taxus, or: Mustelids

A Badger’s hexastitch

bageard, bauson, 
or brock ~ they're all the same 
omnivorous, aggressive, tree
climbing, tidy

23 thoughts on “Taxidea Taxus, or: Mustelids”

  1. To quote from the film UHF “Badgers? Badgers?! We don’t need no stinking badgers!” which is a parody from Blazing Saddles “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!” Combining two films from early in my life which contributed to my warped sense of humor….

    1. ❤ thanks, Grace! ❤

      I've learned more about badgers in these last two days, doing research for this series of poems, than I'd ever known before… TBH, I hardly knew anything about them… although I did know that Disney's Friar Tuck was a badger 😀


      1. You know what? My friend said to me “You know what you remind me of? A honey Badger. “. Hmm. I looked it up and I got your post the same day. I was called feral by an ex. I guess I’ll take that as “fierce?”

        1. yep – badgers can be very, very fierce – they’ll fight back when they’re overpowered and outnumbered, and they don’t have many predators – because they’re very strong for their size.


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