Sow, or: Now

A dribble

(in badger’s hexastitch form)

large boar
nipped sow's thick neck;
moist loins stirred in response;
thus their lifelong coupling,
would start

The dribble

The dribble is a brief poem consisting of exactly 100 letters (not 100 characters—spaces and punctuation are not counted).

The name of the dribble is derived from the micro-fiction form known as the drabble, a story consisting of exactly 100 words. [READ MORE]

The badger’s hexastitch

  • A poem in 6 lines;
  • Syllabic, 2/4/6/6/4/2;
  • Unrhymed, optional rising and falling end-words.

NOTE: the badger’s hexastitch need not be written about badgers – but I decided to write a series of badger’s hexastitches about badgers because they’re cute 🦡

28 thoughts on “Sow, or: Now”

      1. I know, been busy getting ready for university. I start next month. I see you haven’t lost your writing wit. 🙂

  1. oh my lots of babies on the way!!💖
    You wrote a very kind comment David but I couldn’t read it at the moment and now poof it’s gone. I’ll try to see if I see it anywhere but just want to thank you very much even t.💖hough I didn’t get to read it

      1. It was very kind.. and I thank you.. I think something about my support and your visit and it is my pleasure. No need to write more.
        Thanks for mixing up my morning with some fun. Never know what happens sometimes. I looked again. 💖

          1. You’re not wrong. Many years ago, we visited Madison when my wife was deciding where to study for her doctorate. Those Badgers are lucky kids. All of the Big Ten campuses we visited were nice, but Madison has some of the friendliest people, too.

  2. Your mastering all these (for me, totally unheard of) styles, David is such an interesting process to behold…Learning something new everyday with you🦋🙏❣️

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