Moi, ou: Qui?

My 1st soliloquy

Soliloquy \\ ought 
to have soul
else there is no 'I'
o', I'm too oft \\ left asking, 
    Who's this pretentious guy?
That likes to play \\ with
syllables & words & 
letters \\ hell. You 
give me
rules, I'll play 
with 'em \\ 
and do 
it fuckin' well. But
what's the point? Where
is \\ the soul in this
soliloquy? Sure \\ I entertain
others, but what of earnest(y)? What
of my soul \\ what of
what pains \\ what of
my aspirations \\ what 
of my inhibitions \\ self-
doubt \\ and 
    innermost temptations? 
I heal myself 
with wit(s) \\ with
challenges & games? As 
entertaining \\ others, do
I remain the same?"


Meeting the Bar: Soliloquy

At d’Verse, poets were prompted to write poetic soliloquys, making an effort to include one or more poetic devices in our self-talks.

52 thoughts on “Moi, ou: Qui?”

  1. You begin and end with a question.
    I’ve heard many writers say that they write for themselves and not for others.
    Is this truly possible?
    It’s a bargain. 🙂

    1. I don’t know how others do it… It’s an interesting question, actually, especially in today’s world of information, connection, and immediate gratification…

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