Moi, ou: Qui?

My 1st soliloquy

Soliloquy \\ ought 
to have soul
else there is no 'I'
o', I'm too oft \\ left asking, 
    Who's this pretentious guy?
That likes to play \\ with
syllables & words & 
letters \\ hell. You 
give me
rules, I'll play 
with 'em \\ 
and do 
it fuckin' well. But
what's the point? Where
is \\ the soul in this
soliloquy? Sure \\ I entertain
others, but what of earnest(y)? What
of my soul \\ what of
what pains \\ what of
my aspirations \\ what 
of my inhibitions \\ self-
doubt \\ and 
    innermost temptations? 
I heal myself 
with wit(s) \\ with
challenges & games? As 
entertaining \\ others, do
I remain the same?"


Meeting the Bar: Soliloquy

At d’Verse, poets were prompted to write poetic soliloquys, making an effort to include one or more poetic devices in our self-talks.

52 thoughts on “Moi, ou: Qui?”

  1. gosh my head is spinning with all your short forms; must admit I have put a book ‘poetry guide by a poet’ on my shopping list; but my focus remains on the paradox in reality-haiku-like; now off to be taken under the care of eurostar-wheelchair-assistant… ;-0

  2. This seemed like you were speaking your thoughts, a sort of debate with self–a true soliloquy. And through the clever word play, comes the questioning.

  3. Very clever David and thought provoking! Opening line got me hooked. Soliloquy out to have soul, else there is no I! “

  4. Essential questions, David. I can give you my opinion, but what matters is self-image. Wonderfully written, relatable poem.

    By the way, I find you intelligent, insightful. kind, creative, a devoted parent, a talented poet, and maybe a little driven (Not a criticism…I have always been a little driven!) All the best! πŸ™‚

  5. Wonderful poem David! A great question to end with! I found myself you reflections saying yes, i agree!

    what’s the point? Where
    is \\ the soul in this
    soliloquy? Sure \\ I entertain
    others, but what of earnest(y)?

  6. This inner dialogue reveals much and yet holds something in reserve… The question is one we all ask. Do I reveal too much and does that revelation alter who I think I am? I’m hoping that you remain unchanged by the expectations of the audience!

  7. Good heavens, what clever control of the form. The vicious back-and-forth (face-to-face, vis-a-vis ‘myself’?) is powerful and evocative, and I can’t help but be drawn ever deeper into the piece. As always, excellent, most excellent work.

  8. …and you had a very interesting talk..more like a tender interrogation.. with love and honesty❀️ I love your transparency..that comes out..even in word games, David❣️

  9. Deeply relatable to my struggle and so eloquently expressed. I’m back over at my old digs, picking up where I left off. πŸ––

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