Shabbat, or: Shalom

A dribble

are lit; fingers
produce no more writing, even as mind
continues churning, even as fingers
tap to the heart's rhythm.

The dribble

The dribble is a brief poem consisting of exactly 100 letters (not 100 characters—spaces and punctuation are not counted).

The name of the dribble is derived from the micro-fiction form known as the drabble, a story consisting of exactly 100 words. [READ MORE]

31 thoughts on “Shabbat, or: Shalom”

    1. well, on Shabbat we’re not s’posed to change the physical world – no writing is included in that… so my fingers are left tapping out rhythms instead of tapping on my keyboard…

      1. Actually, when I was offline, I did still take a bit of time to write in my journal… but it was much less than I spent online… and I found that I was more “present,” and accomplished far more than usual in offline life, which made it far more enjoyable.

  1. Well I had to share your poem and lost my comment because I forgot to hit copy after select all. The piece is great David but the heretic hamster is hilarious. Cindy’s comment is pretty funny too. You are a good writer David but you have a great sense of humor too. Have a blessed weekend. 🤗

    1. In the future, Joni, it’s probably easier to just click on the “reblog” button at the bottom of the post… it’s one step instead of two or three 🙂


      1. Thanks David. I actually meant I had to read it to my husband I knew he would get a kick out of the poem and the dialogue and he did. We both enjoyed your work and your sense of humor in your comments. Hope you have a great day with your family. ❤️🤗🦋

  2. I guess your hamster is not observant! I can relate to this as I’ve been guilty of having the hamster of creativity spinning on that mental wheel churning out rhyme and rhythm – even as I pray….

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