Slushy, or: Brain freeze

An elfchen

Slurps brains
Loudly through straw
Rapacious, obnoxious, unwanted guest


Row Words Content
1 1 A thought, an object, a color, a smell or the like
2 2 What does the word from the first row do?
3 3 Where or how is the word of row 1?
4 4 What do you mean?
5 1 Conclusion: What results from all this? What is the outcome?

17 thoughts on “Slushy, or: Brain freeze”

  1. The Elfchen never appealed to me but this little verse is very enticing… Where did I put that straw?? You would think that after 6+ decades of experience I would know how to avoid brain freeze! Gets me every time!

    1. it’s not one of my favorites… but I do like how it allows for words, rather than syllables or letters… it lets me be more precise with my intending meanings…

  2. Indeed! Slurp. Slurp. There goes my grey matter, right up the old straw. How do we take away its straw? 🖖

  3. OMG!! this (with the image especially 😂) is so cute… and true. I love it. (I think my own Elfchen just let out a huge burp… ah, sweet relief for it… and thus for me. 🙏😌 ;))

        1. I like your insight there – how love cools hatred & also melts hearts… it actually made me start thinking that love could also fuel hatred (via jealousy, for example)… there are a lot of directions to take your idea!


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