Feminism, or: Basic human decency

An elfchen

Her choices
With no exceptions
All humans equally human


Row Words Content
1 1 A thought, an object, a color, a smell or the like
2 2 What does the word from the first row do?
3 3 Where or how is the word of row 1?
4 4 What do you mean?
5 1 Conclusion: What results from all this? What is the outcome?

35 thoughts on “Feminism, or: Basic human decency”

  1. I remember being shocked reading how long it took Switzerland to give women the vote in my “emancipations” history class at university. I then ended up au pairing there a couple years later and experiencing that inequality for women first hand in watching how my host Mom was looked down upon in the village, where she lived, for working. But then that’s nowhere near as bad as the various religious restrictions some women face around the world (not just Islamic law).

    But I also see is the huge strides that have been made. Incidentally women in NZ were the first in the world to be given the vote. These were women of faith who went to the streets protesting that they had to watch their husbands come home drunk because of the closing times of pubs. They thought the country would do well to listen to their opinion also.

    Not so sure about the current PM in my home country now though …waiting for her to lift the 2 week quarantaine, so we can finally visit family 😭.

    As always: your poem has got me thinking.

    1. Anna, may I ask where you are currently located?

      Regarding your comment, I agree that great strides have been made in many places throughout the world, but even in those places there is room for improvement (as I think you’d agree), and the contrast between those places and those that are very regressive has become increasingly glaring!

      1. I live in the Netherlands (my husband comes from Corrie ten Boom’s home town 😉). Yes: that’s so true about the glaring contrast. I’ve watched some pretty horrific documentaries on those fighting for basic women’s rights. But I am also hearing stories of the light shining brighter in those places than ever before.

    1. Это очень хорошее стихотворение! (но технически четвертая строка должна состоять из четырех слов)

      С уважением,

          1. Я и не воспринимаю это как критику. Критика – моё стихотворение.

  2. The female gender is believed to be an object of oppression. Though many have advocated otherwise. Women need to rise and stand together. There’s so much power there.

  3. Yes
    When a society denies women basic human decency they communicate that she is a not human and undeserving of human rights

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