Pomegranates, or: Apples

My 1st rondelet

Rosh HaShanah[1]
Is always a new beginning;
Rosh HaShanah
Is when Jews eat sweet, round challah[2] ~
Worship: the Creator hymning ~
Commit: themselves to no sinning ~
Rosh HaShanah


This post was scheduled in advance because I am offline for two days (between sunset on Monday and sunset on Wednesday) for the Jewish New Year.

I look forward to reconnecting with you soon!


  1. The Jewish New Year
  2. A special bread of Eastern European origin in Jewish cuisine, usually braided and typically eaten on ceremonial occasions such as the Sabbath and major Jewish holidays

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  1. A Synagogue, full to the hilt,were caught in the illegal public Rosh Hannah prayers. It is still illegal here to worship on site. Some escaped over roof tops others were arrested.

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