Famished, or: Frozen

My 1st novelinee

My parched throat stings; and when I try to form,
Nought comes forth but heaving; this painful rasp.
Metaphor locusts consume in their swarm...
Depleted... whence... that... dry, terrible gasp?
In this verse desert, there are not enough *
I'm searching but cannot find quite the right *
Damn... did it ring sweetly...? was it a rough *
I... did it... rhyme loosely...? was... it the tight... *
In//spi//ra//tion\ \fro//zen... in... dead//est\ \night

d’Verse prompt:

‘Something Novel in Lines’

Since today is the 9th of the 9th month it is fitting for that numeral to inform todayโ€™s d’Verse poetry form โ€“ so letโ€™s meet the novelinee!

The novelinee is a nine-line stanza overlaid with this rhyme sequence: a,b,a,b,c,d,c,d,d in 10-syllable lines (decasyllabic) with alternate stresses (iambic pentameter).

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