Thanatophobia, or: Pit

It could be that the very idea of health 
is a plant 
within fertile as we are unwittingly
desperate as we 
are arable sown watered

, sweat flowing from 
our over 
our down 
our onto 
our full flowering forceful 

, feracious

, fe,,, f

d’Verse Poetics

‘Dungeons and Derivatives’

The idea of the prompt is to select one (from a list of eight sentences) and to change at least one word or more by replacing it with a derivative. Once you are done, unlock the muse from its dungeon and write a poem with the existing sentence.

I selected: โ€œCould it be that this idea of healing is a seed that has been planted within us?โ€

41 thoughts on “Thanatophobia, or: Pit”

  1. O! wow! this is, to return back to you ‘f’n awesome!
    Stunning, surprising, absolutely intense – and oh, yeah, sinuous and erotic. Elemental. Almost savage and primitive too, yet somehow, exceptionally elegant. I mean you have taken the prompt and distilled it right down, into pure magic – this is alchemy. Pure gold. Mined from the earth. And the ending, well, it’s certainly different. But it ties it all right back into life’s circle. “Fe” – the elemental symbol for iron. I don’t know if this was intentional, deliberate or perhaps just a word play/game thing, maybe it was subconscious? But this “simple” poem is so very layered and complex, it literally demands repeated reading and the aspect of letting it just sit – uncorked, breathing.
    Lovely to meet you David ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m definitely going to be visiting more. Consider me entranced by your creativity and insights.

      1. I lost my original comment!
        Okay, actually, I have reset set it, several times, and I suspect that if it’s not showing up it’s because the old values/link is still stored in the archival history or whatever, mainframe browser cache/history. It kept showing me the same for a bit until it reset itself – and I’ve even triple checked and it now is telling me that the new site is only one listed. So maybe it’s just cyber/WP gremlins. Great article btw – read it even though I know how this aspect of WP works, just to make sure I hadn’t forgotten any steps.
        and just in case:

        as for the comment re your post: well deserved – clearly you have a poetic soul ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. โค Dora, you're incredibly kind. โค

      BTW, please feel free to call me by my first name, which is ‘David’… the word “ben” simply means “son of” in Hebrew


  2. I saw the words tapering at the bottom and the commas as them taking root – despite or possibly incited by the very awareness of the seed! Awesome poem!

  3. Poetry at its best. This brings back memories for me. From the heart of creativity, when I truly listened to inner rhythms/voice, and regularly allowed ‘mistakes’ to become forms (an earlier blog). It was an exhilarating period and it seemed I could do no wrong.

    Rock on, David. It’s very original, and really beautiful. It’s a global think and we are all manifesting it in different ways.

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