And so it goes, or: So it goes

A rondelet

Months become years
more rapidly than most perceive.
Months become years.
Ends near, then pass by, as do tears.
Acceptance requires some deceive
themselves with convictions they weave.
Months become years.

29 thoughts on “And so it goes, or: So it goes”

  1. The perspective is everything. For one the years speed past and for others it is in slow motion. When I was a child summer lasted forever! Now summer is gone in a blink!

  2. David,while you seem to speak for my stage of life more than yours: I beg to differ; just the other day, I was sitting in the waiting area of my local specialist shop while they were doing my bike service:

    sitting without while
    minutes stretch to eternity
    and back

    Afterwards, a pudgy man about my age passed me on the pedestrian bridge over the river through town as I was puffing and panting pushing my bike and said something that resonated with my thoughts so precisely, I have forgotten what it was but remember the moment. I had sat at that shop for about an hour and – enjoyed every minute of it.

    1. Barbara – sometimes I feel that way too 🙂

      My poetry is always a reflection of my mood – it’s only one facet of what I perceive to be true.


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